Once you have arrived in Dusseldorf, getting a German SIM Card is a good idea. With a German SIM card, you can call your friends and fellow students inexpensively. You have two options, you can either sign a phone contract or purchase a prepaid card. When you stay for a limited period in Germany, a prepaid card is really all you need. Especially as most contracts in Germany rope you in for 24 months.



The fastest way to get a prepaid SIM card is to go to the nearest supermarket. Whether Penny, Rewe, Lidle or Aldi, they all offer SIM cards. Of course, there are also SIM cards directly from the major network operators (Telekom, Telefonica, Vodafone), but in the supermarkets, there are usually better conditions.

To buy a SIM card in the supermarket is easy. All you need to do is walk into a supermarket and grab your starter package, you find them displayed mostly around the cash desks. Since 2017, providers are required to run an identification. In most cases, this is handled very customer friendly online with a video identification procedure or you walk into the next post office. As a convenient exception, Aldi offers a registration directly in the store!

After your SIM card is unlocked, you can start. Billing is either based on your usage or you book a package with a running time of one month. For example, packages that ALDI TALK offers: 2GB data + phone flat for 8Euro/month, or 4GB + phone flat for 13 Euro/month, or 6GB + phone flat for 20 Euro/month. Just choose the package that suits your needs.

Collegelife Dusseldorf recommends: We recommend a SIM card either from Aldi or Edeka. They offer the best value for money and good internet speed.


If you are staying in Dusseldorf for a longer period or are looking for even cheaper options or more data, search online. www.check24.net is the most popular website to compare differe

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