Dear traveler,

the following terms and conditions apply for package tours (including all travel services according to § 651 a Abs. 1 BGB). You will be, insofar as according to legal provision effectively agreed, part of between you, in the, following ‚traveler‘, and us, in the following ‚tour operator‘, in case of booking according to the legal provision §§ 651 a – m BGB, outcoming travel contract.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract

1.1. With booking/signing up, which can be in written form, with e-mail, orally or via the internet, the traveler bindingly offers the conclusion of the contract to the tour operator according to the tour description. The tour operator will immediately confirm the arrival of electronic bookings via email. This arrival confirmation does not represent a booking confirmation.

1.2. The contract will be solely concluded by the written arrival of the booking confirmation. This does not apply to bookings that are made 7 days or less before travel begins, in this case, the conclusion will be also effective with oral or telephonic confirmation.

1.3. The traveler that is issuing the booking is liable for all obligations of people he included in his/her booking if he/she accepted this obligation is expressly written form.

1.4. If the content of the booking confirmation differs from the content in the tour description, a new offer of the tour operator has been made, which is binding for the upcoming 10 days. The contract is being concluded if the traveler accepts the new offer within the given time.

2. Payment, insurance certificate

2.1. Payments of the travel price before the end of the tour are only allowed to be demanded or accepted by delivering an insurance certificate within the meaning of § 651 k Abs. 3 BGB.

2.2. An insurance certificate according to § 651 k BGB is not to be handed over if the trip does not exceed a duration of 24 hours, no overnight stay is included and the trip price does not exceed €75.

2.3. With conclusion of the contract, a payment of 100% has to be made.

2.4. The possible remaining payment is payable till 29 days prior tour start if it is certain the trip will happen and can not be canceled due to in clause named circumstances. In case of booking of multiple tickets, the down payment, and remaining payment need to be made within one payment each.

2.5. In case the down payment and/or remaining payment is not being made within the mentioned times, the tour operator is entitled to withdraw the contract after the reminder with a payment deadline. In this case, the tour operator is entitled to charge compensation fees according to clause 5.3.

2.6. In case the down payment has been agreed, the insurance certificate has been delivered and the tour operator is able to perform the booked service, the tour operator is entitled to refuse the use of the booked service if the full payment has not been made. The right of the traveler to withhold a controversial, from the tour operator demanded price raise after the conclusion of the contract, remains unaffected.

3. Services

3.1. The service obligation of the tour operator arises solely from the content of the booking confirmation and the related service description as well as the agreements that have been made between the traveler and the tour operator.

3.2. Service providers (accommodations, food establishments, sport provider, transport companies for ship, bus, plane, any means of transport, city guides, etc.) are not entitled from the tour operator to make any assurances or reach an agreement, that exceeds or contradicts the tour description of the tour operator, whose offer or booking confirmation or changes the agreed content of the contract.

3.3. City-, Accommodation- or establishment-brochures, that are not handed over by the tour operator are non-binding for it, insofar as they haven’t been made part of the contractual service of the tour operator.

3.4 Exact departure times and exact departure locations may be changed until 3 days before trip start or on short notice due to severe issues such as roadblocks, etc.

4. Service and price alternation

Alternations and deviations of the agreed content of the travel contract, that have been necessary after conclusion of the contract, and that haven’t been caused in bad faith of the tour operator, are allowed, insofar as the alternations or deviations are not significant, not leading to a significant alternation of the service and not compromise the entire performance or the booked trip. Possible warranty claims remain unaffected, insofar as the alternated service does show any imperfection. The tour operator is obliged to inform the traveler immediately about any service alternation or service deviation. Where necessary, the tour operator will offer the traveler a change of booking or to withdraw the contract at no charge.

5. Withdraw of the contract through the traveler, change of booking

5.1. The traveler is entitled to withdraw of the contract before the trip at any time. Applicable for this is the time of arrival of the intention to withdraw at the tour operator. The tour operator recommends declaring his/her withdrawal in written form.

5.2. In case the traveler withdraws the contractor does not show up to the trip, the tour operator is entitled to claim compensation for the prior made trip arrangements and for the resulting expenses. For the calculation of the before mentioned expenses, the tour operator considers the usually saved expenses and the usually possible other usages of the service.

5.3. The tour operator is entitled to claim its compensation generally as a percentage of the full tour price according to the following breakdown and the time left between the withdraw and start of the trip. Cancellations are only after confirmation from the booking office.

Days before Departure
a. 30 Days and more
b. 29 -15 Days
c. 14 – 7 Days
d. 6 – 0 Days
Money refund
a. 80 %
b. 50 %
c. 20 %
d. 5 %

For tours including flights or trains or cruises, different cancellation conditions apply, depending on the cancellation policy of the particular provider. Please contact us. Refunds, however, can only be made to European banks using the SEPA method.

5.4. The traveler’s right to prove that the tour operator has no or significantly fewer costs than mentioned above stays untouched. In this case, the traveler is obliged to pay the lower costs.

5.5. Instead of a general compensation according to the before-mentioned regulation, the tour operator is entitled to claim its specific occurred costs respectively to the legal regulations. Those can also be higher than the before mentioned general compensations. In this case, the tour operator is obliged to prove the made expenses in detail.

5.6. If after conclusion of the contract but no later than 7 days before the tour start, due to requests of the traveler, changes for a date which matches those in the trip description, occur, the tour operator is entitled to charge a change of booking fee of 15€ per request for a package tour including accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, hostels, pension and 10€ per request for a package tour not including accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, hostels, pension. Request to change the booking, that occurs after 7 days before the trip can only be done, if possible at all, by withdrawing the contract under the conditions in clause 5.3. and simultaneous new registration. This does not affect changes in the booking that only cause minor costs.

5.7. The right of the customer to name a surrogate according to §651b BGB remains untouched through the above-mentioned regulation. The tour operator is entitled to charge a fee for the change of booking. For a package tour including accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, hostels, pension a fee of 15€ applies. For a package tour not including accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, hostels, pension a fee of 10€ applies. For package tours including flights, the tour company needs to be contacted if a name change is possible. For any name change (if possible at all) that occurs after 7 days prior to the trip, a fee of 50€ applies.

5.8. The conclusion of travel cancellation insurance, as well as insurance to cover the costs for repatriation in case of sickness or accident, is highly recommended as those are not included in the tour package price.

6. Undrawn services

In case the traveler does not make use of single tour package services due to an early return voyage or other compelling reasons, the tour operator will make an effort to get a refund from the service providers due to the saved disbursals. This obligation lapses if the service is irrelevant or if the refund is impaired by official or legal clauses.

7. Withdrawal and termination through the tour operator

7.1. The tour operator is entitled to terminate the travel contract without previous notice after the start of the tour. This applies if the traveler disturbs the trip despite a warning or if the traveler acts in violation of the contract in a great measure so that the immediate cancelation of the contract is justified. Immediate exclusion from the trip can also be taken into consideration if the traveler commits a crime (e.g. criminal damage, stealing, bodily injury, drug consumption). If the tour operator terminates the travel contract, it still qualifies for the tour price. However, the tour operator has to impute the saved disbursal as well as the benefits that occur through an alternative usage of the not used services, including the refunded amount of the service provider.

7.2 The tour operator is entitled to withdraw the travel contract due to a before-mentioned minimum number of participants according to the following clauses:

The minimum number of participants is mentioned on the booking page or the booking confirmation refers to the applicable statement in the trip description. The tour operator is obligated to immediately inform the traveler about the cancellation of the trip if it’s certain the trip can not be executed due to not matching the minimum number of participants.

A withdrawal of the contract through the tour operator later than 29 days before the trip starts is not possible. The traveler is entitled, in case of termination of the contract through the tour operator, to demand an at least equal trip, if the tour operator is able to offer such a trip without more costs for the traveler. The traveler has to claim this immediately after the tour operator informed the traveler about the termination.

8. Limitation of liability of the tour operator

The contractual liability of the tour operator for damages that are not bodily injuries is limited to the triple tour price.

-if the damage of the traveler has not been precipitated intentional or grossly negligent
-if the tour operator is responsible for an occurred damage only through the culpability of a service provider

9. Warranty, Withdraw of the contract through the traveler, duty to give notice

9.1. In case the trip does not get executed as the contract states, the traveler is entitled to demand remedy. The tour operator is entitled to refuse a remedy if it requires a not proportional effort. The tour operator can also provide a remedy through performing equal compensation.

9.2. For the duration of a non-conventionary trip, the traveler is entitled to demand an appropriate reduction of the tour price (reduction). The tour price has to be reduced proportionally to the value of the trip compared to the actual value of the trip that would have been at the time of purchase.

9.3. The traveler is obligated to inform the tour operator immediately about his/her complaint. If the traveler culpably does not inform the tour operator about a deficiency, the above-mentioned entitlement for reduction does not apply.

9.4. If due to a deficiency, the trip gets significantly disturbed and the tour operator does not provide remedy within a reasonable time, the traveler is entitled within the limits of statutory regulations to withdraw the travel contract – in his/her own interest and due to conservation of evidence in written form. This also applies, if the trip is not reasonable for the traveler as a result of deficiency due to important, for the tour operator not recognizable reason. The determination of a deadline is not needed if the remedy is impossible or if a remedy is being refused through the tour operator or if the withdrawal of the contract is being justified through a special interest of the traveler. The traveler owes the tour operator the percentage of the tour price of the used services that have been in his/her interest.

9.5. Unregarded the reduction of the trip price or the withdrawal of the contract, the traveler is entitled to demand compensation due to the non-fulfillment of the contract. This does not apply if the deficiency of the trip results from a circumstance the tour operator is not responsible for.

10. Exclusion of claims and prescription

10.1. Claims resulting from non-fulfillment of the contract (trip) need to be enforced by the traveler against the tour operator within one month after the contractual end of the trip. After the end of the before mentioned deadline, the traveler is able to enforce a claim only if he/she has been prevented from complying with the deadline without any fault.

10.2. Claims of the traveler according to §§651c-f BGB resulting from damage of life, body or health, that are caused by intentional or negligent breach of duty of the tour operator or a legal representative or a performing agent of the tour operator, will prescribe within three years. This does also apply for claims to reimbursement other damages that result from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty of the tour operator or a legal representative or a performing agent of the tour operator.

10.3. The prescription according to clause 10.2. starts with the day on which the trip is contractually supposed to end.

10.4. The prescription is held in check if there are existing negotiations about the claims or the claims justifying circumstances between the traveler and the tour operator. This applies until the tour operator declines the resumption of the negotiation. The prescription eventuates earliest after three months of the above-mentioned negotiation time.

11. Passport-, Visa- and age regulations

11.1. The tour operator is obligated to inform citizens of the European Union about Passport- and Visa regulations of the country that the traveler is traveling to before the conclusion of the contract. Citizens of other countries can get information hereof at the responsible consulate. No singularities concerning the traveler and the fellow travelers will be assumed (e.g. statelessness or double nationality).

11.2. Exclusively the traveler is responsible for the acquisition and carriage of the required documents as well as the compliance with possible toll and foreign currency regulations. Possible disadvantages or additional charges (e.g. cancellation costs) that result from the disregard of the before mentioned regulations are to be charged with the traveler. This does not apply if the tour operator failed to inform the traveler right, insufficient or culpable not.

11.3. Without previous written permission, no minors are allowed on the trips.

12. Baggage transport

The baggage transport takes place in a normal extent. This means per person a maximum of one suitcase or travel bag and one hand luggage. With prior given approval, exceptions are possible. Any taken piece of baggage needs to be controlled by the traveler when a possible transfer occurs.

13. Choice of law and jurisdiction

13.1. For the entire law- and the contractual relationship between the tour operator and the travelers who do not have a general residence/place of business in Germany, solely the German law applies.

13.2. Decisive for any lawsuit against the traveler is his/her residence. This does not apply if the lawsuit is against fully-qualified traders, corporate bodies governed by private law, a corporate body under public law or persons who have their usual residence in a foreign country or whose residence or usual stay is not known at the time of the lawsuit.

13.3. If international conventions or conventions of the European Union that apply to the travel contract work in favor of the traveler, the previous clauses do not apply.