1. One of the best nightlifes in Germany

For the nightlife, Dussldorf is a great Erasmus destination. Dusseldorf’s nightlife scene is insane! Whether you prefer a lounge atmosphere, wine bars, clubs or dance floor: a location is available downtown and elsewhere. At the center of the oldtown (Altstadt), with hundreds of pubs crowding its streets, lies Bolkerstraße earning it the reputation of being ‘the longest bar in the world’. Experience the Dusseldorf nightlife and discover its uniqueness!

2. Dusseldorf is ranked number 6 in the world for Quality of Life

Every year, the global consulting firm ‘Mercer’ publishes a Quality of Life analysis, examining 231 major cities worldwide. The ranking is created for companies and governments who send their employees abroad. Main criteria are health care, crime rate, political and economical stability, educational opportunities, and the cultural and entertainment supply. Dusseldorf ranked 6th in 2018 survey, beaten only by Vienna, Zurich Munich, Auckland, and Vancouver.

3. Excellent public transport

The 18 city and tram lines and about 50 bus lines, make Dusseldorf one of the easiest cities to get around without a car. For detailed information on lines, stops and stations visit the main operator Rheinbahn’s website. The best thing is as an Erasmus student you can use all the options unlimited and for free with your Semesterticket!

4. You will never get bored

Dusseldorf is a happening city, any time, day or night, every day of the year – a stunning mix of events and highlights, entertainment and exhibitions, cultural and leisure venues. Explore a vibrant cosmopolitan city – always with something new to discover! It will make your Erasmus stay unforgettable.

5. Best Travel Location

One of the most popular reasons to choose Dusseldorf  as your Erasmus destination is its outstanding location in the center of Europe. You’ll have the opportunity to get to know new places with ease. Travelling around will show you how big and amazing the world we live in is. Visit and explore major cities around, go for hikes, make a bike tour and more. It’s a great opportunity to get the international perspective. You’ll come back feeling more of a European citizen.

6. Altbier

No words needed. You will figure it out on your own!

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